5 Books Your Child NEEDS To Read Before The Big Move 

    Moving to a new place can be a daunting task, especially for children who have a hard time adapting to new environments. Here are a few books that touch on the ‘move’ to help your child settle right into that new house, neighborhood, city or even country.

    1. Alexander, Who’s Not (Do You Hear Me? I Mean It!) Going to Move
    Author: Judith Viorst

    You’ve probably heard of the very stubborn Alexander, a character of Viorst’s series of children’s books, whose uncompromising-yet-comical personality turns petulance into hilarious relatability.
    In this edition, Alexander takes on the ‘big move,’ with the tenacious attitude that is typical for his character, all while reflecting on the things he admires about his home. If you have a child that does not easily adapt to new situations and environments, try this book, and see if Alexander’s ending outlook doesn’t give your child a new perspective about moving.



    2. The Leaving Morning 
    Author: Angela Johnson

    If you’re looking for a more sensitive approach to addressing the next move with your children, The Leaving Morning is a great book to bond with your child over the sentiments of what is being left behind, and garner hope for what is to come. In addition to being compiled of soft colors and warm illustrations, this book is not an aggressive read, nor does it reinforce bad behavior in response to ‘sad news.’ Instead, this touching book opens up the door for parents to talk about the ‘growing family,’ and what it means to make room for new siblings.



    3. The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day
    Author: Stan Berenstain

    The classic Berenstain Bears are back again, with another important topic, moving! If you have ever read The Berenstain Bear books with your kids, moving is the perfect opportunity to pick up another edition. Not only will your kids relate to the homely Berenstain Bears, but you will relate too, creating a social environment for adults and children to explore their feelings together.
    Often, the Berenstain Bears help create a comfortable and familiar narrative for life’s odd situations. Author Stan Berenstain does not fall short when it comes to the topic of moving homes.



    4. A Kiss Goodbye
    Author: Audrey Penn

    Authored by a New York Time’s Best Selling writer, A Kiss Goodbye is a sweetly-written tale of a raccoon, who finds it is time for him to change homes in the wake of discovering his tree will be cut down. Chester the Raccoon has anthropomorphic characteristics that your child will sympathize with and relate to, making this easy-read a hit during bedtime. Animals move too, after all.

    5. Augustine 
    Author: Mélanie Watt 

    Last but not least, is Augustine, another animal tale which will capture your hearts. Augustine is a penguin who must move from the South Pole to the North Pole, (a perfect tale for a move during the holiday season), and illustrates young Augustine, a hesitant penguin who is nervous at her new school. Augustine will teach your child how to gain confidence in new environments, especially when it comes to their individual talents.



    Do you have any book suggestions for ‘the big move?’ If so, let us know! We would love to add your children’s book to our list of reads to help with the transition in moving.

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