7 Places To Find FREE Moving Boxes — Jacksonville NC

    Happy National Moving Month! Are you getting ready to move into a new home? Get a head start on your checklist by picking up free boxes while you’re out running errands. Here are 7 places where you can find FREE moving boxes in your town.

    1. Grocery Stores — It never hurts to inquire about free moving boxes at a grocery store! Often, you can call ahead of time to see what day of the week shipments come in, so that you can get to the store before they break down their boxes. Early morning or late night trips to your local grocery stores can help you land a few empty boxes, due to the restocking hours.
    Check your local:
    -Food Lion
    -Sam’s Club
    -Lowes Foods, ect.

    2. Apartment Complexes — The turnover rate for apartment complexes is very high, so you can often expect to find boxes in the mail room or recycling center.

    3. Pharmacies — Weekly shipments are the BEST reasons to check your local stores & pharmacies for boxes. Why not snag a few free boxes that would otherwise be recycled or thrown away?
    Inquire at your local:
    – Rite Aid
    – CVS stores

    4. Starbucks & other Coffee Shops — Check out your local Starbucks franchise for some free boxes. When you’re stopping in for morning coffee, ask about the shipment schedule and when would be the best time to score some free packaging for your move.

    5. Locally Owned Hardware Stores  Where there’s a shipment, there’s sure to be a box or two! You can find reasonably-sized cardboard boxes at your local hardware stores, especially during moving seasons.

    6. Clothes Retailers — The retailers you frequent weekly are most likely holding onto some spare boxes. Again, if you call ahead of time, you can be sure to get your boxes before they are flattened in-store, which will save you time, and tape!

    7. Phone a Friend — Do you have friends or family that have recently moved? It doesn’t hurt to check, even months out, for spare boxes from a family that has moved homes. Studies have shows that it takes, on average, 182 days to finish unpacking after moving into a new house.

    Ready to move, but haven’t found a new home yet? Contact Terri Alphin Smith & Co. at (910) 358 – 1128 and let us find you the perfect place to call home. Visit us at the Stateside model home in Jacksonville, NC, just past Stateside Elementary School — 201 Wood House Drive, Jacksonville NC.

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