Get Re-Inspired, Starting At Home!

    So we have to ask…have you reached any of your New Years resolutions, yet? If not, you may be having a hard time staying inspired! Often, the key to staying motivated is by remaining versatile and open-minded, starting at the place where you begin and end your day. There are plenty of small and stunning ways to freshen and reinvigorate your home this year, all while simultaneously keeping you encouraged. In fact, here are a few ideas you can implement, this week!

    1. Invest in flowers on a weekly basis.

    -Did you know, freshly-cut flowers indoors are scientifically proven to make you generally happier? Even if you don’t think of yourself as ‘the type,’ to purchase flowers on a regular basis, grab an arrangement of roses from your local nursery or food store after work. Trim and fashion your flowers in a vase or jar, somewhere open and highly-trafficked. Flowers prove to be a mood-booster and help foster a welcoming environment.

    2. Replace your throws/pillows, ect.

    Yes, your throw pillows, carpets and blankets do have a lifespan.  Mixed textiles, patterns, motifs and even monogramming can add personality to your space. Small touches, such as replacing and rearranging your pillows, blankets, and carpets can help revive your living space; in turn, giving you a new and improved outlook. Additionally, this will get rid of years of dust mites and dirt accumulations that could be irritating your allergies, and causing frequent illness.

    3. Frame your children’s artwork!

    -If your children are still small, you likely have a working pile of artwork taking up a quiet corner in your home. Why not make use of your children’s illustrations, by framing and hanging the drawings, paintings or mixed media art with wooden or painted frames? Not only will it help invigorate your creative impulse and make you smile, but it is a fantastic way to incorporate your children into the interior design of your home.

    4. Invest in a variety of mirrors.
    -Adding mirrors to your decor is an easy way to visually create more square footage, and fill those dark corners with residual light. Mirrors are said to create good vibes and create balance and energy in the home. But it doesn’t stop there, there are several rules/suggestions when adding mirrors to your home, based on the rules of feng-shui, such as, the mirror above the fireplace bringing tranquil energy, or the mirror in the dining room encouraging abundance and wealth.

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