Happy National Dog Day!

    August 26th celebrate Dog Day!

    National Dog Day was established in 2004 to honor man’s best friend.

    Today is a day of recognition for all the dogs in need of adoption, for the family dogs and for the working dogs. We are the world to our furry companions. We are their “pack”.

    If you have room in your life for a puppy or a dog, please consider adoption. Enter your zip code on The Shelter Pet Project for a list of local shelters and dog rescues near you. There are many wonderful animals that just need a second chance. A donation of food, blankets and/or toys is also a terrific way to help. Volunteering your time to walk and play with the dogs is a win-win too!

    If you already have canine companions, here are a few ways to celebrate their day with them. Go shopping for a new toy, a new collar and leash, or some treats. Take your pooch to the dog park so they can get in some social time with the other pups. Make a trip to the beach, river or lake for some water time. Give your dog an extended grooming session with lots of petting and love. Take some great photos of your pet and with your pet to preserve those wonderful memories together.

    If you see a dog wearing something to indicate that it is a working dog, the best thing to do is politely ignore it. Whether it is a medical service animal, a law enforcement canine or even a military bomb sniffing dog, they are working and should not be distracted from whatever task they are assigned. Even if they do not look as if they are not working at the moment, refrain from calling out to or touching the dog. The dog’s handler would greatly appreciate it.

    Enjoy the special day with your furry family member!


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