My Wall Colors Mean What?…

    Often, wall colors are a direct expression of subconscious, and conscious emotion. When you choose the colors you’d like to paint in your home; believe it or not, it’s always a good representation of who you are. While reading, keep in mind all of the colors below may not reflect each trait; but even one or two might be the only ones that correlate.

    1. Light Gray/Silver:
    Pros: Glamorous, High-Tech, Graceful, Sleek, Security, Reliability, Intelligence

    Cons: Isolation, Coldness

    2. Red:
    Pros: Energetic, Lively, Heat, Fun (also known to influence hunger)
    Cons: Frustration, Anger

    3. Gold:
    Pros: Wealth, Wisdom, Prosperity, Abundance, Tradition
    Cons: Egotistical, Vain, Materialistic

    4. Brown:
    Pros: Friendly, Earth, Longevity, Strength, Consciousness 
    Cons: Dogmatic, Conventional, Conservative

    5. Turquoise:
    Pros: Spiritual, Healing, Balance & Harmony, Happiness, Luck

    Cons: Envy, Self-Centered

    6. Tan/Beige:
    Pros: Dependable, Flexible, Crisp, Structured, Security, Artistic, Calmness

    Cons: Dull, Boring, Old-Fashioned

    7. Pink:
    Pros: Good Health, Affectionate, Sweet, Happy, (Can influence good memories, or happier moments.) 

    Cons: Immaturity, Overly Emotional

    8. Light Green:
    Pros: Earth, Environment, Healing, Fertility, Freshness Child-Like Happiness, Exploration
    Cons: Jealousy, Guilt

    9. Orange:
    Pros: Courage, Confidence, Friendliness, Success, Fun, Warmth, Freedom, Expression, Fascination, Exploration, Joy
    Cons: Ignorance, Self-Righteousness

    10. White:
    Pros: Innocence, Freshness, Structure, Balance
    Cons: Coldness, Pristine, Emptiness

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