Prepare for photos that sell your home!

    Home Photographer

    So you have de-cluttered, minimized the personal items, done the little repairs your real estate agent suggested and given everything a through cleaning. Is there anything else needed to get ready for the professional photographer to come take the photos that will help sell your home quickly? Here are a few last minute things to consider.

    In the Kitchen:

    1. Remove pictures, magnets, grocery lists, etc. from the refrigerator.
    2. Put the hand towels away, so there is a clear view of all the appliances.
    3. Remove the small rugs. They make the room appear smaller.
    4. Clear the countertops completely, even the coffeemaker can go somewhere temporarily.
    5. Put the trash can out in the garage, unless you have one that slides into a cabinet.

    In the Bathrooms:

    1. Remove toiletries from the bath and shower.
    2. Mirrors should be sparkling clean.
    3. Remove bath mats and hang towels neatly.
    4. Put the laundry hamper in the closet.
    5. Replace the shower curtain if needed.

    In the Living Areas:

    1. Stage with some elegant décor and/or fresh flowers.
    2. Take down anything that may offend buyers who may not share your sense of humor, religion or political views.
    3. Replace any burned out light bulbs and add lamps if needed to make everything bright.
    4. Set the dining table with your best dishes (white works best).
    5. Move some furniture out if needed, to make rooms appear larger.

    In the Bedrooms:

    1. Make the beds and place some decorative pillows.
    2. Pack away the kids toys neatly. Put some into storage if it still seems over crowded.
    3. Clear off any nightstands or dressers, except for lighting.
    4. Remove any valuable items that you would not like posted on the internet.
    5. Hide the TV in a closet, if it isn’t too difficult to move.


    1. Give the lawn and landscape a fresh trim. Edge and blow off driveways and sidewalks.
    2. Put away the bikes, toys, lawn equipment, hoses etc.
    3. Remove obvious oil stains from the driveway.
    4. Clean the pool, if applicable.
    5. Arrange and stage the patio/porch furniture. Add a few pillows.

    Just before the photographer arrives:

    1. Open the curtains and blinds to let the light shine in.
    2. Turn all the lights on, inside and outside.
    3. Turn off the TV and hide the remote controls.
    4. Close the toilet lids.
    5. Clear the vehicles from the driveway and curbsides.
    6. Take the pets with you and clear out! Let the photographer have the home to themselves. The pictures will come out better without distractions and furry photo bombers.

    Of course, these suggestions are all optional. With 95% of the home buyers beginning their home search online, these photos will likely be the first impression a potential buyer gets. Presenting your home in the best light will help you sell your home quickly and for more money!

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