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Elizabeth Desenganio


I decided to make a career change from Veterinary Technician to Broker after I bought my first house. I had a buyer's agent that was on my side through thick and thin who looked out for what my husband and I needed and wanted. She made sure we were happy, and this is exactly how I want all of my clients to feel! I learned the importance of finding a HOME. For the first time in our lives, we were investing in something bigger than ever before. I have moved from Florida to Hawaii, Hawaii to South Carolina, South Carolina to California, California to North Carolina, then back... and back again! Why all the moves? I am a military spouse. I understand the importance of finding a home that actually feels like a home. I feel very strongly about keeping our family together and settled. I want to help other families gain the same feeling I have with owning a home.

I will do my very best to help my clients navigate the home buying process. I have training and education with Sea Coast Advantage Academy, as well as yearly training with the North Carolina Realtor Association. I will continue to learn the values and ethics to hold my career strong.

When I am not at work, I like spending time with my family and friends. I have two young dogs that enjoy spending time at the dog parks. They love to make new friends, and so do I. When I go on trips for leisure or business, I take them with me. This way, the visit with new friends at dog parks in different cities and states, just like me.