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    The median home price in Jacksonville is around $135,000. A brand new home in Jacksonville ranges between $135,000 and $280,000 with the median price falling around $190,000. Luxury homes run upwards of $700,000. Foreclosure and fixer-upper homes can be found for $50,000 and less. Great potential exists for investment properties close to bases, as many service members choose to rent during a 3 or 4 year tour of duty.[1]



    Located in southeastern North Carolina, Jacksonville is the county seat of Onslow County. Approximately 110 mile east of Fayetteville and 57 miles northeast of Wilmington, the downtown area is found at the headwaters of the New River. The city is home to Marine Corps Air Station New River and Marine Corps base Camp Lejeune, including the satellite bases Camp Geiger, Camp Gilbert H. Johnson, Stone Bay and Courthouse Bay.



    In 1752 the county seat in Johnston was destroyed by a hurricane. The county courthouse was relocated further up the New River to Wantland’s Ferry; this settlement was eventually incorporated in 1842 and named Jacksonville after President Andrew Jackson. [2] The river was a hub for the sale and transport of agricultural products, mainly tobacco, cotton, corn, peanuts and hams, as well as a source of fish, crab and oysters. Naval stores, sap extracted from the areas longleaf pines to make tar and pitch for boat building and waterproofing, and lumber were also a main source of income in the area.

    In the early 1940’s the town grew from a little rural town, when the War and Navy Department took an interest in the area for establishing an amphibious training base. The purchase of 100,000 acres along the east bank of the New River in 1941 led to the building of Marine Barracks, New River. In 1942 the base was renamed in honor of the 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps, John A. Lejeune.[3] The military presence resulted in the population drastically increasing from a mere 783 in the 1930 census to 70,145 in the 2010 census.



    Demographically, Jacksonville is the youngest city in the United States with an average age of 22.8 years old, which can be attributed to the large military presence. In 2014 Forbes Magazine named Jacksonville as one of American’s Booming Small Cities. [4]

    Jacksonville proudly pays tribute to our nation’s military service members, past and present. Stop by Lejeune Memorial Gardens near Camp Johnson and take in the memorials of 9/11 and Vietnam, as well as Beirut. Montford Point Marine Museum pays tribute to Black Americans who served our country during WWII and Korea. You can take a guided tour of Camp Lejeune. Downtown you can visit the oldest continuously operated USO. [5]

    If outdoor activities are what you seek, the City of Jacksonville Recreation and Parks department has a lot to offer with Summer Camps, Movies in the Park and Concerts at Riverwalk. [6] Opportunities for family fun include Lynwood Park Zoo, Equine Country USA, Swingin Things and Jump in Jax.

    Western Boulevard in Jacksonville is the center of activity with two movie theaters, a wide assortment of restaurants, the Jacksonville Mall and many other options for shopping.


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