North Topsail Beach Real Estate

    North Topsail beach awaits you! Located in southeastern North Carolina, Topsail Beach is a thriving community of seaside homes, that double as vacation residences for the home-buyer looking for a relaxing lifestyle close to the water.

    The town of North Topsail Beach is said to have an occupancy of less than 1,000 full-time residents, allowing permanent home buyers a tight-knit community and an easy-going atmosphere.

    Sunny days ahead! Did you know? ‘On average, there are 215 sunny days per year in Topsail Beach. The US average is 205 sunny days,’ making Topsail an upbeat place to move. Additionally, North Topsail allows close access to beaches, novelty shops, and other exciting amenities that make up the character of the moderately sized town. Ask us what we have available in the North Topsail Island area, and find your perfect home, today.