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    Homeowner opportunities abound in Onslow County. A brand new home ranges from approximately $110,000 for a 2 bedroom townhome to $300,000 for 3800+ square feet with space for the whole family. Oceanfront homes cost 1 or 2 million for an amazing beach house to around $80,000 for an adorable 1 bedroom condo overlooking the beach. If you wish to own a piece of history, an 1800’s farm house or a turn of the century B&B in downtown Jacksonville can also be found. Great potential exists for investment properties close to bases, as many service members choose to rent during a 3 or 4 year tour of duty.






    Onslow County covers roughly 767 square miles and is located in southeastern North Carolina, approximately 120 miles southeast of Raleigh and 50 miles northwest of Wilmington. The county is home to more than 150,000 people and includes the incorporated towns of Holly Ridge, Richlands, Swansboro, North Topsail Beach, part of Surf City, and unincorporated Sneads Ferry. The U.S. Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune comprises approximately 156,000 acres.[2]


    While European explorers encountered Native Americans in the area known as Onslow Bay in 1524, it was not until the early 1700’s that settlements were established in North Carolina’s coastal region. Onslow County was formed in 1734 and was named for the Honorable Arthur Onslow, Speaker of the British House of Commons.  Through much of the first half of the 20th century, the county was largely rural, with an economy based on farming and maritime communities.[3]

    During World War II, Onslow County was dramatically changed in the early 1940s with the establishment of the United States Army Camp Davis near Holly Ridge (now closed), and the creation of Camp Lejeune in 1941. This increased the county population and generated related growth in housing and businesses.


    Onslow County is proud to support our military, past and present. Stop by Lejeune Memorial Gardens near Camp Johnson and take in the memorials of 9/11 and Vietnam, as well as Beirut. Montford Point Marine Museum pays tribute to Black Americans who served our country during WWII and Korea. You can take a guided tour of Camp Lejeune. Downtown you can visit the oldest continuously operated USO. [4]

    The outdoor enthusiast has a lot of options with over 30 miles of beautiful beaches, rivers and creeks, as well as forests and game lands filled with diverse wildlife. Onslow County also remains a farming community, yielding bountiful crops. You can sample the wares at the local farmers market. Opportunities for family fun include Mike’s Farm, Lynwood Park Zoo, Equine Country USA, Swingin Things and Jump in Jax.

    Western Boulevard in Jacksonville is the center of activity with two movie theaters, a wide assortment of restaurants, the Jacksonville Mall and many other options for shopping.


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